Join us in Stockholm!

Your hosts for the 2017 International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT2017), the 30th Jubilee of ICVT, are Svenska Sång- och Talpedagogförbundet – SSTPF or Voice Teachers of Sweden – VoTS, as we call ourselves internationally. SSTPF is one of the world’s oldest associations of singing teachers, founded in 1933! That means we celebrated our 80th anniversary four years ago.

The full programme is now published! We have been overwhelmed by the sheer number and quality of proposals for seminars and other programme points we have received from all around the world. Out of these, around 125 have been accepted . Under “Keynotes and masterclasses” you can read more about our headline teachers and presenters.

Registration is now open. Just click on ‘Registration/Accommodation’ in the menu. This leads to a separate website for conference registration and hotel bookings.

Immediately before our conference (July 28-Aug 1) Johan Sundberg is also hosting the course “The Science of the Singing Voice”, see

Welcome to Stockholm!