Tradition and science in harmony

Sweden is a small nation in northern Europe that has been at peace for over 200 years. We are a nation of deep green forests and red wooden cottages surrounded by the blue waters of the Baltic Sea. Sweden has made its mark in business, design, sport and science.

Sweden is proud of being the home of many great singers such as Jenny Lind, Jussi Björling, Birgit Nilsson, Nina Stemme, Peter Mattei, Håkan Hagegård, Katarina Dalayman  and Anne Sophie von Otter – not to mention a whole generation of Met stars such as Set Svanholm and Kerstin Thorborg. And in the popular field we have ABBA, Roxette, Peter Jöback and Helene Sjöholm just to mention a few.

The Swedish Choir sound is famous throughout the world thanks to Eric Ericsson. We have international music prizes such as The Polar Music Prize and The Birgit Nilsson Award, and last but not least scientists like Johan Sundberg, known throughout the world for his work on the ‘science’ of singing.

We proudly welcome you to our beautiful capital Stockholm – “the Venice of the North” – for 5 days of sound, science and sightseeing! (And maybe some shopping too!)

For more info about Stockholm, head over to the official visitor’s guide!