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14.15-15. 45 Masterclass Janice Chapman

16.30-18.00 Masterclass Håkan Hagegård

19.00 Gala concert

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ICVT meeting: Presentation of the next ICVT

Nathan Milsteinsalen


Discovering the voices of some great Swedish singers of the oldest recorded tradition

Although Sweden has not an important population in Europe, it has produced some of the famous operatic singers of the world. Before the advent of Jussi Björling, you’ll be able to appreciate the voices of no less beautiful Swedish artists, who deserve not to be forgotten. So you may understand what shall be called the Swedish school of singing.

Jean Nirouet is a singer, teaching and researching about tradition in vocal technic and interpretation. Collecting and restoring old recordings, he is publishing CD and studies about singing traditions.

Pedagogy | Lilla salen

Singing in Auvergnat: A Phonetic Blueprint of the Chants d’Auvergne, arranged by Joseph Canteloube

Overview of the key points of Auvergnat dialect pronunciation, followed by audience participation in the preparation of a song. Participants will experiment with variant pronunciations of the dialect. The presentation emphasizes the flexibility of dialect sound choices and concludes with a short recital by Lori McCann.

Lori McCann, DMA (Diss. Critical Ed. of Chants d’Auvergne) Assoc. Prof. Vocal Performance, John. J. Cali School of Music, Montclair State Univ., NJ, specializes in Lyric Diction and Vocal Pedagogy.

Elizabeth Brodovitch, MA (French Linguistics), is a singer and diction coach in Vancouver, Canada. Her publications explore the interaction of sound and meaning in sung French and Occitan poetic text.

Interpretation | Nathan Milsteinsalen

Belting explained! – An introductory workshop to safely produce belting with the Estill Voice Training system

Belting is an exciting sound – There is no substitute and the audience always knows. Estill Voice Training is a system to control the various structural components of the voice. The goal of the workshop is to introduce the attendants to a safe and successful way to produce a voice quality that is surrounded by mystique and misconceptions.

Jan Pettersson – Singer and voice teacher at Kungsbacka Kulturskola, Sweden. Jan has a master in music ed. and is a Certified Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training.

Lotten Andersson – Singer with professional background. Voice teacher for singers and actors and at Fryshusets gymnasium in Stockholm. Lotten is a Certified Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training.

Pedagogy | Seminarierum 1

EVTA Singing -Roadshow European Vocal mobile Academy: a creative toolbox experimentation to spread good singing across Europe.

Amateur and professional singers, conductors, teachers, choirs share repertoire and methods during flexible workshops (up to 5 days) ending with a performance, building bridges between the genres and initiating long-term cooperation.

Susan Yarnall-Monks, President of EVTA, soprano, teacher, researcher, lecturer at University of Chichester, UK.

Stéphane Grosclaude,  Coordinator of Interregional platform-France, co-manager of Singing Roadshow, cultural manager and singer.

Pedagogy | Seminarierum 2


“I’m Just a Broadway Baby”: Choosing Age-Appropriate, Healthy Musical Theatre Repertoire For Young Singers

Often, young singers preparing for a career in Musical Theatre are attracted to songs that are beyond their vocal ability or incompatible with their onstage presence. This session will present repertoire that is age-appropriate, healthy, and still challenging and appealing to collegiate-level singers. Additional resources will be provided.

Dr. Toni Anderson, Professor of Voice at LaGrange College, mezzo-soprano. Degrees: Ph.D.,Georgia State University; MM in Vocal Performance,The New England Conservatory of Music; BM, Lamar University.

Dr. Andrea Mueller, Adjunct Professor of Voice at LaGrange College, soprano. Degrees: DMA and MM in Vocal Performance and minor in Vocal Pedagogy, Louisiana State University; BM, Samford University.

Savannah Bracewell, soprano, is a 2017 LaGrange College graduate with a BM in Vocal Performance. Roles: Rapunzel (Into The Woods); Hunyak (Chicago); Christine (A Chorus Line); Adele (Die Fledermaus).

Kelsey Seals, soprano, is a senior Musical Theatre major at LaGrange College. Roles include: The Witch (Into The Woods); Roxie Hart (Chicago); Connie (A Chorus Line); Mabel (Pirates of Penzance).

Jalen Smith, tenor, is a 2017 LC graduate with a BM in Vocal Performance. Roles: Rapunzel’s Prince (Into The Woods); Amos (Chicago); Frederick (Pirates of Penzance); Eisenstein (Die Fledermaus).

Repertoire | Lilla Salen

Hidden virtuosity: the choral soprano in the studio (until 16.10)

This presentation will explore the demands placed on sopranos in the choral and the emerging solo worlds, and look at how pedagogues can ensure vocal health within the studio, the rehearsal and performance space. Can well-trained singers inhabit both the choral and solo domains, and is it desirable for their musical career?

Dr Morag Atchison is one of New Zealand’s leading sopranos and vocal pedagogues, and is a Lecturer at the University of Auckland. She performs internationally, and is a vocal consultant to leading NZ choirs.

Pedagogy | Nathan Milsteinsalen

Comparison of Male and Female Acoustic Register Transitions

This presentation will compare the acoustic landscapes of male and female register transitions (passaggi), explain both their similarities and differences as well as the necessary differences per vowel within each, and identify appropriate pedagogic strategies that account for these acoustic realities.

Kenneth Bozeman, Professor, Lawrence University; author of: Practical Vocal Acoustics: Pedagogic Applications for Teachers and Singers, and Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy: Motivating Acoustic Efficiency.

Pedagogy | Seminarie 1

Deconstructed opera and opera improvisation (until 16.10)

New opera concepts have liberated performers and spectators from traditional hierarchies, allowing them to be co-creators of their own aesthetic experiences. In this presentation the concepts of Cage’s Europeras 1&2 and opera improvisation (as performed today) and their influence on the opera singers, as well as on the audience, will be discussed.

Susanne Ronner Larsson is a Swedish opera singer with singing diplomas from both Wisconsin (USA), Pesaro (Italy) and Stockholm and with engagements throughout Europe. She is also active as voice coach and manager through her studio CANTA BENE. Ronner-Larsson holds a Master in Musical Education from the Malmö Academy of Music.

Interpretation | Seminarie 2

Fitness and Singing: Training for Success

Trends in casting favor singers who look like the roles for which they audition. So fitness is being integrated into many singers’ lives to enhance marketability. This session addresses myths about fitness and singing, and sets forth workout strategies for singers to minimize negative side-effects in technique. Singing with a six-pack is possible!

Chuck Chandler is assistant professor of voice at Florida State University. He is an active performer throughout the US and a fitness enthusiast who finds his students’ success tantamount to his own.

Health | Movement room

16.00-16.30 Afternoon break


Commercial Voice Training in Greece: Challenges and Solutions

In a small EU country, amidst of financial and human values crisis, a Vocal Studio is still running successfully, offering high quality education to outstanding professional clients, singers and actors. Let’s share some “how to” tips, vocal workout samples, helpful equipment and vocal gadgets info, and a “secret weapon”.

Areti Topouzides is a distinguished CCM voice instructor in Greece, founder of “”, research associate of National University of Athens and co-founder of Voice and Swallowing Centre of Athens.

Pedagogy | Lilla Salen

More than a voice, much more

A unique lecture performance with a mixture of different music styles is presented and explained in specific music pieces. The authors’ new developed ‘ISFV®, Inhaling singing technique’, a new expressive artistic form in the contemporary vocal repertoire is combined with bel canto and extended vocal techniques and accompanies herself at the piano.

Françoise Vanhecke Dr, soprano, pianist, actress, composer, voice teacher, improvisator and soundpainter works closely with composers and appears on the world’s leading music festivals and theatres.

Pedagogy | Nathan Milsteinsalen

Comedy in song

When performing recitals, I often receive more comments about the humorous songs in the program than anything else. I will share my ideas on what makes a song funny and how you can communicate many different styles of “funny” to win an audience. The repertoire ranges from familiar to unfamiliar and covers early to current art songs in English.

Loraine Sims is Associate Professor/Vocal Studies Division Chair at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where she teaches Voice and Vocal Pedagogy. Recent performances include “Comedy in Song: Humorous Art Songs in English” for the 2016 National NATS Conference in Chicago. Professional activities include “Training the Terrible Tongue!” for the 2016 Greater Houston NATS Chapter, the 2014 Chicago NATS Chapter, and the 2012 National NATS Conference.

Maria Curry is a pianist, soloist, singer-songwriter, collaborative artist, and poet and is currently the choirmaster at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church and a free-lance pianist in Baton Rouge, LA.

Repertoire | Seminarie 1

Traditional Versus Functional Voice Range Profiles: Comparing Strategies, Biologic and Acoustic Data in Emerging Artists (Sopranos)

This study compares the traditional VRP with a newly proposed Functional VRP to show how vocal strategies are affected by the requirement to change dynamic without stopping the tone. Data were collected from five Emerging Artist sopranos and the resulting phonetograms reveal how dynamic extremes vary when a task is more challenging.

Katherine Petersen is an active performer and Assistant Professor of Voice at NEIU. She holds a DMA in Performance from OSU and a MM in Pedagogy and Performance from Westminster Choir College.

Pedagogy | Seminarie 2

Tomatis-based listening

Overview of audio-psycho-phonology and an introduction to Tomatis listening. Theories of audio-vocal control contextualize and suggest possible avenues to address commonly encountered skills and weaknesses. Practical outcomes of heightened listening for singers can include improvements in intonation, sonority, rhythm, and language pronunciation.

Dr. Susan Hurley is Visiting Assistant Professor of Voice at Mississippi University for Women. She holds a DMA from ASU and offers interactive lecture-workshops in Tomatis listening.

Health | Movement room


A Technique for All Seasons; Good Singing is Good Singing/Breaking down Style Boundaries

In this practical presentation we will discuss a holistic, non-style specific teaching approach to the training of singers and singing voice teachers where singers and singing voice teachers are trained to understand, and value a philosophy of “Good singing, is good singing – regardless of style”. Specific style elements will be addressed as ‘effects’ or tools through choice connected to emotion and self-expression.

Dr Irene Bartlett is Senior Lecturer, Coordinator of Contemporary Voice and Vocal Pedagogy, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University. Her teaching centres on the development of foundational technique, sustainable vocal health and performance excellence for singers of all styles.

Pedagogy | Lilla Salen

Demystifying the Traditional Studio Experience: The Benefits and Challenges of Undergraduate Collaborative Teaching

The traditional approach of a voice studio has historically been shrouded in the mystical secrets of a single voice teacher whose techniques were guarded and whose singers were defended. An occasional master class with a proclaimed “master singer” would be the only acceptable form of outside feedback.  This presentation will explore approaches to collaborative opera/music theater casting, maximizing the master class experience, and will suggest interactive modes of studio teaching.

Mezzo-soprano Dr. Sarah Holman was featured artist and master teacher with the Southern Young Artist opera project, 2009-2015, Taiwan and China. 2007, she was the recipient of a Goldovsky opera directing internship with Harrower Opera. She is professor of voice at Wheaton College Conservatory, serving on the NATS foundation board.

Dr. Carole Choate Blankenship, soprano, is associate professor of music and Elizabeth Daughdrill chair in the fine arts at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Blankenship has performed solo recitals and in oratorio, led master classes, and presented lecture recitals in the US, Europe, and Australia. Dr. Blankenship served as vice president for auditions for NATS, 2012-2016.

Pedagogy | Nathan Milsteinsalen

Singing Through Menopause – Results of the 2014 Survey

I will present results of the 2014 Singing Through Menopause Survey including charts and graphs that show vocal and non-vocal symptoms that participants experienced due to menopause. I will also discuss coping strategies for managing those symptoms including changes to vocal technique, repertoire, practicing and performing habits and lifestyle choices.

Martha Elliott, M.M. has presented talks, workshops and master classes for NATS and ICVT. She has written books and articles on Vocal Performance Practice, Mindfulness, and Menopause.

Pedagogy | Seminarie 1

Vocal Education in Formal and Non-Formal Education Institutions: Traditional Way and Innovations

The presentation introduces the research; the aim – to reveal how to integrate new methods into the vocal educational process preserving the advantages of traditional techniques. The findings induce insights: the main challenge for vocal teachers is to find the balance between traditions and innovations; integration could ensure the best results.

Dr. Vaiva Jucevičiūtė-Bartkevičienė, Assoc. Professor (singing) and Researcher in Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences. PhD in social sciences, MS in music education: Music teacher qualification, BA in classical singing.

Katri-Liis Vainio, Lecturer of “Teachers voice”, “Leaders voice” in Finnish, Estonian universities; MA; PhD c.c in University of Helsinki; BiP™ Classical singing and speaking voice CM Teacher; Innovator of VoicePilates®

Pedagogy | Seminarie 2

The Mental Edge: Wellness for Performers

Mental fitness is vital for the demands in a performer’s life. Through interdisciplinary work in wellbeing for performers, UAB students find both the mental toughness and mental calm needed for peak performance. This workshop explores establishing helpful behaviors, cognitive restructuring, and Koru mindfulness, developed at Duke University.

Soprano Kristine Hurst-Wajszczuk teaches Wellbeing for Performing Artists and interdisciplinary courses in mindfulness at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Please visit

Health | Movement room


Swedish art songs available on the internet

Swedish Musical Heritage has created a database with free Swedish music to increase knowledge about often forgotten older music. Starting with a short overview of Swedish art song history I will show how to access this material which includes many songs in other languages.

Iwa Sörenson von Gertten, Swedish soprano, opera singer, voice teacher, MA. Studies in Gothenburg and Cologne. Soloist at the Malmo Opera 1977–79 and at the Royal Opera in Stockholm 1979–2001.

Repertoire | Lilla Salen

Cooling –down exercises

Warming up the voice is an accepted tradition among singers. However, vocal cool downs are less the norm. This session will present research from a 2016 paper titled “The Impact of Vocal Cool-down Exercises: A Subjective Study of Singers’ and Listeners’ Perceptions. It will include an interactive portion to demonstrate the cool-down protocol.

Kari Ragan, DMA, SVS. Artist in Residence at the University of Washington where she teaches Vocal Pedagogy and works in affiliation with the UW Otolaryngology Department to habilitate injured singers

Pedagogy | Seminarie 1

Structure and Role of Vocal / Choral Warm Ups at Upper Primary Schools in Hungary

The aim of research was to observe and examine the upper primary school music teachers beliefs about the vocal warm-ups in the music lessons and in the children’s choir rehearsals at hungarian upper primary schools. It was purpose to collect, group and describe the types of warm-up exercises; and examine the connection between the children’s singing voice quality and the application of warm-up exercises.

Andrea Asztalos teaches vocal training, singing and music at the Kodály Zoltán Hungarian Choir School and on the Music Faculty of Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. At present she is a PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. She was presenter in several national and international conferences (ICNMC Treviso (IT), CICE Toronto (CA))

Pedagogy | Seminarie 2

Sex hormones’ influence on the female singing voice

Research reveals the ever-changing effects brought on by life-cycle events, from puberty to menopause, that are unique to the female voice. By reviewing studies published in the last 45 years, the presenter will provide voice teachers with important information for use with their students. Knowledge about how sex hormones influence the female voice is imperative for understanding and managing a lifetime of healthy singing.

Vindhya Khare
 DMA is currently the Coordinator of Vocal Studies at Florida International University in Miami where she teaches voice, vocal pedagogy, diction, and opera workshop. Khare also holds a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance from Florida International University.

Pedagogy | Movement room

This is a preliminary programme and is subject to change.