Friday Aug. 4, afternoon

Main hall (Kungasalen)

14.15-15.45 Masterclass Bo Skovhus

16.30-18.00 Masterclass Ineke van Doorn

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Round Table: Choral singing and its many variations!

Panel includes André de Quadros, James Grossmith, Ragnar Bohlin, Treiniece Robinson-Martin, Karin Skogberg-Ankarmo

Moderator: Maria Lindberg-Kransmo

Pedagogy | Lilla Salen

BiP™ Voice Training (Balance in Phonation)

BiP™ Voice Training for classical-, CCM- and speaking voice, created by Ritva Eerola, voice teacher and speech pathologist, aims for the voice quality of the Bel canto tradition. BiP™ combines scientific research with practical training to reach a sustainable and expressive voice, using the energy of the spoken text and open body-mind-connection.

Ritva Eerola, FM-M.A., 50 year’s career as a Voice Teacher, Couch and Speech Pathologist. Res. assistant, lecturer at University of Helsinki and Voice Teacher at Sibelius Academy. Creator of BiP™

Helene Lux Dryselius, Stockholm. Voice teacher, singer, Certified Course Instructor (classical) and Certified Master Teacher (CCM) in BiP™ Voice Training. Owner of Vocalux VoiceStudio.

Katri Liira, M. Mus, B.A., singer, senior lecturer, voice teacher, Univ. of the Arts, Helsinki, Turku Conservatory, Metropolia Univ. of Applied Sciences, Certified Course Instructor (CCM) in BiP™.

Susanna Metsistö, Lecturer in Voice Production and Care, University of the Arts, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki. MA (Logopedics, Theatre Pedagogy). Speech pathologist. CCI in BiP™ Voice Training.

Pedagogy | Nathan Milsteinsalen

A Pedagogical Continuum: The Evolution of Modern Vocal Pedagogy

The round table will examine the evolution of vocal pedagogy since the advent of modern voice research and discuss the future of the profession. Panelists represent various generational and ideological perspectives and each will address a particular stage of post-voice science pedagogical practice with commentary on current and future trends.

Dr. Noël Archambeault teaches voice/pedagogy at the University of Delaware and taught at the Brevard Music Festival. She is published in the Journal of Voice, Choral Journal, and presented at the Voice Foundation and IAJE.

Dr. Blake Smith is an award-winning singer, actor, director and teacher. He teaches at the University of Delaware, where he directs the opera company and teaches graduate courses in art song and opera literature.

Joshua Glasner is an adjunct voice professor at New York University, where he is a PhD candidate studying vocal pedagogy. His research areas include teaching efficacy, analysis of recordings, and singing acoustics.

Pedagogy | Seminarie 2

Workshop: B-singing with Bones for Life® as a Tool (until 15.45)

Bones for Life® is part of the program Movement Intelligence based on The Feldenkrais Method® and studies of Water Carrier´s Walk. The movement sequences can improve and enhance balance, posture and functional breathing through easy, short and coordinated movement i.e. the neck and ribcage useful in mastering the fine motor skills in the larynx.

Berit Norberg: Educated Singing Teacher and Church Musician at The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, MA in Music Science of Education and Certified Bones for Life®-Instructor. Director of firm B-singing.

Health | Movement room


Teaching Lucas: A Transgender Student’s Vocal Journey from Soprano to Tenor

The research is based on a chronicle of the vocal changes of a voice student who is a female to male transgender singer after he began testosterone therapy as part of his transition. This study is unique in that the teacher had worked with the student before the hormone therapy began and has continued lessons for more than a year following the initial treatment.

Loraine Sims is Associate Professor/Vocal Studies Division Chair at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge where she teaches Voice and Vocal Pedagogy. Recent presentations include “Comedy in Song: Humorous Art Songs in English” for the 2016 National NATS Conference in Chicago, and “Training the Terrible Tongue!”, for the 2012 National NATS Conference.

Pedagogy | Lilla Salen

Voices of 21st-Century Women (until 16.10)

Women composers have historically faced special challenges in comparison with their male counterparts. Over time, those circumstances began to change. Today, there are many successful, respected women composers. This presentation will focus on composers of art song in the 21st century using recordings of sample songs and a selected bibliography of works.

Leslie Jones, contralto, is Professor of Music at Southeast Missouri State University. Dr. Jones is an active member of NATS and performs regularly in recital and oratorio.

Repertoire | Nathan Milstein Hall

Aotearoa New Zealand vocal music – the way forward while acknowledging the past

A brief look at some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s historical vocal repertoire, showing how this has informed the music of today. 21st century New Zealand vocal music uses European style accompaniment and taonga pūoro (traditional Maori instruments) which are enjoying a renaissance. This may collide with the traditional ‘norm’. What is the way forward?

Judy Bellingham is Associate Professor of Voice at Otago University.
Publications include a CD of NZ song, DVD’s ‘Songs of Old Dunedin’ and ‘Warm me Up, Judy!’ and the book ‘Sing what you see See what you sing’.

Repertoire | Seminarie 1

Pauline Viardot as Pedagogue and Performer: Crossing the French and Italian Traditions.

The performance practice and pedagogy of mezzo-soprano Pauline Viardot Garcia represent the coalition of two disparate vocal traditions co-existing in late nineteenth century France: the French and the Italian traditions. The paper suggests that Viardot’s success in both aspects of her career was achieved by basing a French concept of dramatic expression on a solid foundation of Italian technique.

Classically trained mezzo-soprano Linda Barcan is currently Lecturer in Voice at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, where she is also enrolled in a PhD (Music Performance). Linda has presented at conferences nationally and internationally, with interests in historical vocal pedagogy and emotion expression in the singing voice.

Repertoire | Seminarie 2

Workshop: B-singing with Bones for Life® as a Tool (continued)

Health | Movement room

16.00-16.30 Afternoon break


Moving Voice – Strategies For Efficient and Expressive Singing

Science holds the knowledge needed for vocal artistry – Moving Voice takes use of that, offering practically applicable tools for efficient and flexible voice production. This workshop will address formant tuning for contemporary styles, source-filter interaction, and intense high-pitched singing, using sound, visual illustrations, and software.

Ville Laaksonen (MMus) is a forward-thinking voice pedagogue and Authorized CVT Teacher running a popular studio in Helsinki. He is also an artist and songwriter.

Annika Holmberg, Authorized CVT Teacher & highly sought vocal coach with an interdisciplinary approach and extensive experience, also as a touring and recording singer and songwriter.

Vocal technique | Lilla Salen

Raise Your Voice: Social Justice and the Classical Recital

In our ever-shifting artistic landscape, socially relevant concerts can offer audiences and artists opportunities to engage in community issues and create meaningful connections to classical music. Our lecture recital presents data from case studies of our performance creations addressing social justice causes and a performance.

A Fulbright scholar in Paris, soprano Laura Hynes sings repertoire ranging from baroque opera with Les Arts Florissants to “classical cabaret” on French TV. She currently teaches at the U of Calgary.

Tenor Zachary Colby serves as singer and co-artistic director of Minneapolis-based men’s ensemble, Cantus and maintains a US and international touring portfolio in men’s choral chamber music.

Repertoire | Seminarie 1

Comfort zone, tessitura, and pitch centre: matching the individual voice to the song material in different music genres

Every teacher wishes to match the singer’s voice to their chosen music but not all music types are the same: pitch-ranges and types of vocal production change between genres. Dr Kayes will present findings on singer comfort and song tessitura, and in the workshop we show how these work in practice using pitch centres and key aspects of style.

Gillyanne Kayes is a teacher, author & researcher. Published by Bloomsbury Press, OUP & the Wellcome Trust, she is highly regarded as a pedagogue and has been an invited speaker for PEVoC, Eurovox, the BVA and the ANATS and NEWZATS associations.

Jeremy Fisher is a performance coach, prizewinning pianist & the creative brain behind Vocal Process voice education resources. He has been commissioned by Bloomsbury, OUP, the Wellcome Trust & the Science Museum.

Pedagogy | Seminarie 2


Acting Jazz – Exploring the expressive line in music, space, improvisation, communication and intonation (until 18.30)

This presentation is based on communication, body awareness and improvisation. It explores connection between physical awareness, space and voice through movement, acoustics and VR showing that the physical direction is closely connected with the direction of interpretation and can strengthen not only improvisation but intonation and presence as well.

Sanni Orasmaa has conducted clinics around the world and served on the faculty at the Brooklyn Conservatory, NYC 01-07. Since 2008 she is the senior lecturer for jazz vocals at Munich University of Music. Website

Interpretation | Lilla Salen

Portraits of Women in Contemporary Soprano Duet

Portraits of Women is a collection of new art song and opera for two sopranos and piano, emphasizing the contributions of women in our society who have embraced their true value and calling, and have dared to change their world. This music will celebrate the women in our lives, and inspire more sopranos to collaborate through the genre of the duet.

Lisa Dawson, Soprano, has a M.M. from the University of Kentucky and Doctor of Arts degree in Voice Performance from Ball State University. She is a Professor of Music at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Tammie Huntington, Soprano, has a Master of Music degree and Doctor of Arts degree in Voice Performance from Ball State University. Huntington is a Professor of Music at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Phoenix Park-Kim, Piano, has given recitals throughout the United States, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina and Russia. She is a Professor of Music at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Repertoire | Nathan Milstein Hall

Practical Voice Pedagogy and Voice Behavior: A Proposal for Using Psychology of Singing in Pursuit of Artistic Excellence

My research is set to provide a teaching approach based on the individual student’s psyche and behavior to work in coordination with current voice science, anatomy and physiology. The ultimate goal is to provide the student with an environment where they feel safe to experiment with their own voices, an environment where they don’t fear failure.

Dr. Serdar Ilban has performed with many prestigious opera companies in the United States and Europe. He is the vocal area coordinator and director of Lamar Opera Theatre at Lamar University in Texas.

Research | Seminarie 1

The Latin American Art Song: Mirror of identity

The art song has played a role of great importance in the construction of the national identity of the different Latin American countries, reflecting society and its values like a mirror. In the presentation we analyze the different moments of the evolution of the genre, its main composers and its relationship with the local poets. The main goal is to generate awareness about a vast repertoire in Spanish, Portuguese and indigenous languages that is still unknown by the majority of classical singers.

Leading interpreter of the Latin-American & Iberian Art Song Repertoire, Colombian-Spanish soprano and musicologist Patricia Caicedo has developed an international performing career. She has published 5 books and 8 CDs considered reference in the field. Regularly gives concert-lectures and master classes, and serves as Artist-in-Residence at leading universities in the United States and Europe. Ph.D in Musicology from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and a Medical Doctor´s degree from the Escuela Colombiana de Medicina.

Repertoire | Seminarie 2

Art meets science: Kinesthetic awareness

This presentation addresses the concept of bodily awareness when singing as supported by current scientific insights. Driven by scientific and clinical enquiry, the profession of teaching singing is now supported by significant understandings of the mechanics of voice. Given that the vocal mechanism comprises several anatomical and physiological components, the embodied experience of singing enables the development of how vocal production ‘feels’ at any given time.

Associate Professor Diane Hughes (PhD) lectures in Vocal Studies and Music at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Her research areas include the singing voice, vocal health, pedagogy, film and sound, recording practices, songwriting, the music industries, and popular music and song. National President of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Dr Daniel K. Robinson is a freelance artist and educator.  Daniel is the principal Singing Voice Specialist for Djarts (, presenting workshops across Australia and abroad for Universities and community groups. Over the past two decades, while maintaining his own performance career, Daniel has instructed thousands of voices: beginner to touring professionals.

Research | Movement room

This is a preliminary programme and is subject to change.